• This agreement is designed for Clients who provide confidential information to their employees on a regular basis and who require more protection against the disclosure of this Confidential information than that provided under the Employment Contract.
  • Can also be drafted to suit any third parties with whom the Client engages and provides confidential information and therefore requires protection, such as investors, suppliers, sub-contractors, clients.

This agreement is designed for Clients whose product/service suffers from a high risk of IP infringement from employees, investors or third parties.

These documents shall regulate the use of the Client’s website by users as well as the data collection policies of the Client. If required, the terms and conditions and the privacy policy can be drafted to be GDPR compliant.

This agreement provides the Consignee with the Consignor’s product for free, with a certain percentage of the revenue to be transferred to the Consignor upon sale of the product. The Agreement shall be drafted to suit the Client’s sales and revenue requirements.

  • Provide commercial and legal advice with regard to the provisions to be included in the Consignment Agreement based on the current revenue and profit levels of the business, the type of product being consigned, cost of consignment and forecasted average revenue from the consignment deal.

This agreement sets out the terms of purchase of the Client’s product by customers.

This Agreement regulates the terms of distribution of the Client’s products to a third party who is engaged to sell the product for a share of the revenue/profits. The distribution terms may be exclusive or non-exclusive depending on the business of the Client and level of sales to be brought in by the third party.

The Sub-contractor shall perform some of the work to be done by the Client for an end consumer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

The Supplier Agreement sets out the terms of supply of materials/products to the Client from a third party while The Vendor Agreement sets out the terms of supply of services to the Client from a third party.

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