An Employee/Intern Offer Letter regulates the relationship by and between an employer and any candidate selected for employment in the capacity of a full-time employee or intern in addition to the Employment Contract issued by the relevant authorities.

This Agreement is drafted in accordance with the requirements of the Client and defines the terms of engagement by and between an independent worker and his/her customer.

Consultancy Agreements regulate the manner in which customers purchase services from consultants. These Agreements are drafted in accordance with the terms stipulated by the Client.

Undertaking Letters are assurances made by one party to another party pertaining to the fulfilment of previously agreed upon obligations not stipulated under the relevant contract.

Designed for Clients who provide confidential information to their employees on a regular basis and who require more protection against the disclosure of this Confidential information than that provided under the Employment Contract.

  • Can also be drafted to suit any third parties with whom the Client engages and provides confidential information and therefore requires protection, such as investors, suppliers, sub-contractors, clients

A Data Protection Agreement is a legally binding document regulating the scope and purpose of protecting a particular set of data.

Employee Standard Operating Procedures regulate day-to-day business operations to ensure any such operations are conducted in accordance with industry standards and applicable laws.

Disciplinary Notices are written in accordance with the Client’s requirements and detail a party’s poor performance/misconduct/negligence and any accompanying remedies.

Our Legal team will facilitate communication between parties with respect to any dispute or disagreement in order to reach a mutual understanding.

  • Communicate with MOHRE on behalf of the client to resolve any disputes or misunderstanding.
  • Carry out such mediations via email, telephone, or in person, as deemed appropriate.
  • Periodically provide the client with any updates on the progress of the mediation process where the client was not present or did not have visibility over communication with MOHRE.
  • Draft a Termination Letter in accordance with the client’s requirements, referencing the relevant laws.
  • Service the Termination Letter to the employee where necessary or requested.

This agreement is drafted once parties in dispute agree to settle their dispute, provided certain conditions are met.

  • Client informs us of the terms under which the parties have agreed to settle their dispute.
  • Once the Settlement Agreement has been signed by the Client, we visit the offices/location of the other party to collect their signature and to provide them with any other items as agreed under the Settlement Agreement.

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