As a Group, we work in harmony with our other subsidiaries, drawing upon the unique skills, knowledge and expertise provided under each branch. This advantage is extended to our clients who can benefit from accounting, financial services, legal services, digital marketing, management and investment assistance all under one roof, as follows:

  • Company valuations;
  • Financial Due Diligence; and
  • Review of financial forecasts.
  • Legal Due Diligence;
  • Legal Health Check;
  • Shareholder Agreement;
  • Term Sheet;
  • Memorandum of Understanding / Letter of Intent;
  • Share Purchase / Transfer Agreement;
  • Side Agreement; and
  • Board Resolutions.
  • Marketing strategy advice;
  • Increasing digital foot-print to impact company valuation; and
  • Graphic design with respect to pitch decks and other related marketing documentation.
  • Advice on business strategy; and
  • Review of investment plan and operational forecasts.

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