Focusing on SME’s within the region, our goal is to enhance every profile we manage from valuation and revenues, to ground-level operations. In perfecting 3 core areas – speed, added value, and incubation, we established an undeniable presence at the forefront for all entrepreneurs and investors in the region. V7 Capital’s professionals possess a unique set of capabilities that allow us to offer a Fund Management solution like no other.

Fundraising Assistance

For over a decade, V7 Capital has built a proven track record in fundraising for high growth SMEs, through the following channels:

  • Reviewing and finalizing pitch decks
  • Selecting investors and attending negotiation discussions
  • Proposing the most suitable fundraising means
  • Developing workshops on creating investor strategies

Fund I & Fund II History


Companies Funded

USD 5m

Fund I Size


ROI: Fund I

USD 10m

Fund II Size


ROI: Fund II

What Makes
Our Fund Different?

We ensure our portfolio is on the right path by offering both our investments and our investors

Our subsidiary, V7 Group, will be on-site to provide our investments with financial, legal, marketing, recruitment & operational support.

The fund will be highly managed, we will not just be taking board seats. We will have active visibility on all investments on a day-to-day basis.

All investments will have their cashflow and P&L monitored, overseen independently by V7 Accounting.

Having oversight and support through V7 Group’s companies will insure no unwanted surprises occur and minimize any potential failures.




Risk Mitigation

Fund III

Investment Period:

2.5 Years from Initial Close

Fund Terms:

4 + 1 + 1

Carried Interest:

20% (up to 2.75x); 25% (>2.75x net return)

Preferred Return:


USD 20m

Fund III Size


# of Investments Targeted


Expected Gross ROI

We Give Start-Ups An Unfair Advantage

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